Raise Awareness




Truth Pharm believes that  through awareness and understanding of heroin/opioid addiction and other SUDs, communities can effect change to achieve a better quality of life and increased safety for everyone.  

It is essential that SUD and the heroin/opioid epidemic be treated and viewed as the health crises they are. Unfortunately, so many are not aware that each and every person has a role in this epidemic even if it is simply to know how to recognize the signs that someone else is in need of help. Educating communities about what resources they have, and should advocate for, in order to save the lives of those afflicted is one Truth Pharm’s paramount efforts. Some of the ways we do this are outline below.

  • We train individuals, communities and corporations about the realities of living and working with those who suffer from SUDs. We can customize any program, so please tell us your needs.
  • We educate medical staff about the appropriate responses to someone presenting with substance use disorder.
  • We hold High School Assemblies to engage the youth on every aspect of the epidemic because we believe every single person plays a role in the epidemic whether or not they have ever used or will ever use.
  • We offer Naloxone Training and kits so that the ability to save a life is available to everyone in the community.
  • We help communities form Action Committees. We offer coaching to community members who wish to take a progressive approach in confronting the opioid epidemic, giving them tools and an understanding how to form their own lasting Action Committees so they can be successful at effecting policy changes in their own communities.
  • We offer to help in implementing community outreach programs such as PAARI.
  • We advocate for policy change that seeks to implement policies in line with bringing safety to all members of a community, which includes treating SUDs as a medical issue, not a legal one.