Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction consists of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Harm Reduction also includes advocating for social justice  and rights for those who use drugs.

Truth Pharm adopts its strategies from The Harm Reduction organization. They include strategies for all levels of drug use and recovery: from “safer” use, to abstinence. We believe in meeting the drug users “where they’re at,” and providing tools and resources that will help them stay alive. There is no “one-size-fits-all” harm reduction remedy; each individual and community is unique and will have specific needs.

Some of the practices central to the harm reduction principles are as follows.

  • We accept that drug use (licit and illicit) is part of our world and work to minimize its harmful effects.
  • We understand that drug use encompasses a continuum of behaviors, from severe abuse to total abstinence, and acknowledge that some ways of using drugs are clearly “safer” than others.
  • We believe that interventions aimed at increasing the quality of the individuals’ and the community’s lives and well-being do not require cessation of all drug use in order to be successful.
  • We believe in providing services and resources to people who use drugs and the communities in which they live in a non-judgmental, non-coercive manner with the purpose of reducing attendant harm.
  • We believe that drug users past and present should help to craft programs and policies designed to serve them.
  • We believe in empowering the drug user to be the primary agent in reducing harm from his/her drug use.
  • We do not ignore or minimize real and tragic danger associated with drug use.

Please see the Harm Reduction website for more information.