Heroin Facts


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The Allure of Heroin

Heroin promises a feeling of euphoria like none other. Smoking it seems a “harmless” adventure. Life feels more perfect than it has ever been.

Most heroin addicts begin by using pain medications — whether prescribed (fewer), or procured without a prescription (far more common) (3). Heroin is almost never the first drug used by anyone; it promises the recreational drug user a new level of experience. Heroin delivers the initial “rush” which can never be duplicated by any drug…not even heroin itself! This is sometimes referred to as “chasing the high;” the user will increase dosage or frequency in an attempt to feel what was felt the first time.​ Read More

Heroin is More Addictive Than Any Other Drug (4)

Approximately 1/4 of all people who use heroin will become addicted. (5)

For the sake of comparison, no one would imagine that a person would become an alcoholic by having a glass of wine 3 nights in a row. HOWEVER, the likelihood of being a heroin addict after 3 nights of smoking “a little heroin” is quite high. In fact 1/4 of all people who try heroin will become addicted, in part because the addictive qualities are not initially recognized by the user.​

Heroin Has the Highest Recidivism Rate of Any Drug

95% of addicts will relapse if detox is not followed with treatment (6,7)
Because heroin is so highly addictive, the recidivism rate is higher than for any other drug. Even with detox and in-patient treatment, more than 60% will relapse within the first year.​(7)

Recovery Rate Doubles When Treatment Includes Medication (2)

No matter what path of treatment is taken, the studies to date all show that Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) DOUBLES the chances of recovery.

While some addicts can recover without the use of any medication, others simply cannot and experience repeated relapses. Recovery is often defined by the addict staying in the recovery program (retention) and testing negative for heroin.(2)

To view how heroin steals the mind, read here