Other Ways to Give

Ways you can help us

There are many ways to get involved with Truth Pharm:

  • You can Volunteer your time.
  • You can organize fundraising events (such as a 5 or 10K event).
  • You can Volunteer your expertise. Some of the areas we need help with are:
    • Website maintenance
    • Social media: help with blogs,, online posting and discussion forums (Facebook discussion groups) and/or read an article before it is posted and then post questions prompting conversation.
    • Graphic designer: Someone to create memes for Truth Pharm (with our logo) that have messages that are based on our core values.
    • Grant writer: for funding requests from organizations and other foundations.
    • Fundraising coordinator: to help plan events, give ideas for events, and ideas for raising funds for our services.
    • Treatment center outreach: calling local treatment centers to get information on their procedures (admission criteria, type of insurance they take, do they use MAT, do they have detox, if insurance won’t cover, what are self-pay options, how much does it cost…we will provide a list of questions)
    • Letter writers for policy advocacy: someone who can stay current on the latest bills and policies being proposed and write on Truth Pharm’s behalf to support a particular policy or bill, and/or write bills and policies. Someone who can distill a bill or policy down into 4 or so sentences and state why we do or do not support it and then direct people how to contact their own representatives to support or oppose the bill.
    • Attorney: for advice. Sometimes we need to know if a particular project is too risky. Sometimes we need advice about actual situations around patient rights and/or parole and probation questions.
    • Attorney: for trademark and copyright assistance (with our name, logo and handouts).
    • Attorney: to help translate some of the more complicated legislation issues that are relevant to SUDs and Truth Pharm’s interests.

Please fill out the submission form below.  Thank you for caring!