Our Nationwide Deadly Epidemic


144 Young People Die Everyday from Accidental Overdose

In our country alone, a young person dies from accidental overdose every 10 minutes.
There is hope for recovery.
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Substance Use Disorder (SUD) has now surpassed all other causes of death among our youth. The opioid/heroin epidemic has exploded reaching record numbers with not enough resources to slow it down. The largest population killed are young, vibrant people between the ages of 18 and 25.

Truth Pharm confronts this epidemic head-on by bringing programs into communities that help raise awareness, reduce the stigma associated with substance use disorder, aid those seeking treatment, and advocate for policy changes to improve treatment access and options.


we design services to improve the quality of life for the community and for the individuals afflicted by Substance use disorder .


what we do

Truth Pharm works with individuals and communities interested in being proactive and aggressive in their approach to face the heroin/opioid epidemic. We work with the community to identify its needs and assets to create a series of awareness events. We also empower communities to start their own Community Action Groups. Our desire is to leave a community with lasting change, resources and power to make an impact on this deadly epidemic.


1) The stigma around "heroin" and "addict" has fostered a false stereotype of those affected by the heroin/opioid epidemic and SUD.
2) Many communities have little awareness of the epidemic or how to respond to someone suffering from SUD.
3) Treatment options, cost, and availability limit the prospect of providing treatment for many seeking it.
4) People suffering from SUD are processed through the legal system rather than the healthcare system.


Saving lives requires keeping people alive long enough to seek and receive adequate treatment that maximizes their chances for recovery. Sadly, most policies do not provide treatment, less alone, best treatment options. It is a vital part of our work to advocate for policy change by interfacing with our legislators on the community, county, state and federal levels.


Community Response Action Plan

We train communities to help them form long-lasting Committee Action groups.

High school programs

These youths are at high risk, so we target the birthplace of this epidemic with a program that leaves no student behind.

corporate training

Awareness and response tools make the work environment a safer place for employees and management.

naloxone training

Free community training for administering naloxone in the event of opioid overdose.

Training to medical staff and healthcare providers

It is imperative that all healthcare providers possess an understanding of how to treat someone presenting with SUD that offers relief and dignity.

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